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A Technocrat and Qualified Banker with Management Qualification with Rich Experience in Banking, Corporate Finance, Merchant Banking, Capital Market Operation etc.

Education : B.Sc. science Degree I Rank, University I Rank Holder-Gold Medalist MSC science Agriculture, Post Graduation C.A.I.I.B. (Certified Associated of Indian Institute of Bankers) MBA, AIMA, CFA

  • Commercial Banking by Indian Banks Association
  • Industrial Finance-reserve Bank of India
  • Financial Marketing by SDM
  • Course on Mutual Funds and Management by chartered Financial Analysts of India
  • Course on Corporate Finance by USB
  • Course on Merchant Banking & Portfolio Management by CFA
  • Course on International Finance & Money Management
  • Course on Personal Finance / Banking
  • Course on Stock Exchange / OTCEI
  • Stock Brokers Course Zambia
  • Venture Funding YPI Singapore
  • Course on Auditing / Supervision and Financial Control
  • Course on HRD and Performance Evaluation
  • Course on Agro Industries financing
  • Course on Assets Management
  • Course on Treasury & Finance

Work Experience

  • 14 Years of Banking Experience, Since 1976, starting from assistant Manager of Finance & Credit in a Nationalised Bank in India with Exposure in Commercial Banking, Merchant in a Nationalised Bank with more than 1400 Branches in India and Abroad.
  • Vice President-Finance of a Leading Group of Industrial Conglomerate with a total turnover of US$4b with Investments in tobacco Chemicals, Explosives, palm oil, Known as Dalmia Group of Industries.
  • Chief Executive of a Financial Services Company Belonging to a US Based NRI Industrial Group In India With Investments In Sugar, Cement, 5Star Hotel etc., with turnover of US$100m
  • Chief Executive of a Merchant Banking Company with Stock Broking in BSE OTCEI, NSE Belonging to a London Based NRI Industrial Group with Investments in Tea Plantations in India Known as Duncan McNeil Group.
  • Executive president of the no.1 Merchant Banking Company in India with total; asset over Us200$M with worldwide network in us, UK and HK. The company was rated as no.1 Merchant Banking Company having managed the maximum numbers of IPOs in India. Has the credit of Lead managed 53 IPOs independently as Lead Manager.
  • Chairman of a Non Banking Financial Services Company in India upon invitation from the board, Where Government had its equity contribution.
  • Director of a Financial and Corporate Consultancy company in Singapore Belonging to a Leading CPA firm with wide network Exposure in Singapore & Bangkok.
  • General Manager of a Commercial Bank in Zambia, Africa Belonging to a London Based Investment Group. In Singapore as Director of a Financial and Corporate consultancy Co., with Branches in Dubai, U.A.E & US, UK advisor to many Corporate in India as well.
  • Freelance Financial Advisor to a Manufacturing Company in Ajman, U.A.E (Retainer Basis) Freelance Financial Advisor to many Manufacturing Companies in Chennai, U.A.E (Retainer Basis) in power sector in it, media and in other sectors in India having a client base in india, Dubai, Singapore and London. Presently having clients in Singapore, Malaysia, Zambia, India and in UAE Projects, Financed through equity and debt resources mobilisation for several projects, note worthy being in infrastructure, power, and granites. Textiles and Garments, Sugar plastics and IT etc.


  • Comprehensive Commercial Banking Operations
  • Business and Corporate Finance / Credit Appraisal
  • Developmental Banking / Relationship Banking
  • Service Marketing / Concept Marketing
  • Merchant Banking / Capital Market Operations
  • Debt and equity Market International Operations
  • Investment Banking / Equity Analysis / Mutual Funds
  • Portfolio Management / Funds Management
  • Export / Import and Trade Financing
  • International Banking and Forex and Treasury
  • Hire Purchase and Leasing / Resource Mobilisation
  • Factoring and Forfeiting
  • Financial services Planning and Marketing
  • Profit Center Management
  • Credit Analysis / Project Evaluation/ Ratio Analysis
  • Management Consultancy for Corporate / Banking Advise
  • Working Capital Management and Monitor
  • Mergers and acquisitions and Takeovers
  • MIS/System Evaluation and Planning
  • Human Resource Planning and Management
  • Resource Planning Capital Structuring and Costing
  • Guest Faculty for Training Executives in Banks / Corporate
  • Industrial Management and Training Finance and Rehabilitation
  • Recovery / Restructuring and Remedial Advise
  • Column Writer in Magazines on Finance and Banking
  • Agricultural Projects and Evaluations
  • E-Commerce Start up and it Related Projects
  • Auditing ,Inspection and due Diligence and Performance Monitoring with Internal Control


  • Strong Marketing Abilities of Concepts
  • Innovative and Creative and Dynamic in Approach
  • Converting Threats in to Opportunities
  • Investment Consultancies & Corporate Finance Appraisal
  • Rehabilitation and Restructuring / Profit Center Management, Financial Planning & Management
  • Resource Mobilisation International Exposure
  • Banking, Corporate Finance and Marketing of FS


  • Won Several Appreciations in the Bank and in Corporate
  • Had Been the President of NO.1 Merchant Banking Company
  • Had Been the Highest Resource Mobiliser in India in Banks
  • Had handled 54 IPOS Independently as Lead Manager
  • Won Appreciation from business India, the no.1 Corporate magazine in India
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